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Get Free Swags as a beginner in Tech

How to get free stickers and t-shirts from different tech companies? 📦

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·Dec 27, 2022·

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Get Free Swags as a beginner in Tech
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  • <mark>What are the options?</mark>

Namaste Everyone, I'm back again on my track. These semester exams are a real pain 😩. By the way, focus on this me now, today I'll tell you the best ways of getting free swags from companies like MLH, DigitalOcean, Blockstack and more. So let us not wait any further.


What are the options?

  1. MLH Swags + Bonus

    This is the best and easy-to-get swag source of all. For the past 2-3 months, MLH is organising a Global Hack Week event and in that event, you can avail of MLH swags, a Bonus Swag Kit and various other benefits from sponsors of the event. So be sure to check it out.

    Visit: https://ghw.mlh.io

  2. DigitalOcean: Hacktoberfest

    You may already know about Hacktoberfest, it runs in the month of September every year. Here you need to perform 4 pull requests at least and if they get merged, you get the opportunity to get Swags or plant a tree with your name. This event is very popular in India and Globally also and it is also easy-to-get.

    Visit: https://hacktoberfest.com

  3. Blockstack: Zero to DApp

    In addition to learning a new approach and platform, developers who complete the Zero-to-Dapp tutorial and submit it to app.co get a free limited edition t-shirt.

    Visit: https://docs.stacks.co/docs/build-apps

  4. Kong/kong

    Kong’s Contributor Program is designed to encourage knowledge sharing amongst Kong’s community of users and to recognize and reward the important work our contributors are doing. We have a variety of ways through which you can contribute and earn points towards some amazing Kong swag!

    Visit: https://konghq.com/community/open-source-contribution

... at this time, these four are good to go. And in future, If more comes up, I'll add them somehow. But you have to help by commenting below some more swag sources.

And with that being said, I'm taking off from here, see you on my next blog.

Thank you for your time 🧡

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